Jelena Dabić was born in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia and studied composition and music theory at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts from 2001 to 2008. During this time she was supported by scholarships from the Serbian Ministry of Culture and the “Privrednik” Humanitarian Fund.   She also worked as assistant professor in the ethnomusicology department during the last years of her graduate studies.

A scholarship from the Bavarian Academic Centre (Bayhost) allowed her to pursue further studies at the University of Performing Arts in Munich, Germany, where she successfully completed her Master in composition  in July 2010.

She also attended several composition courses and workshops with composers such as with Wolfgang Rihm, Peter Michael Hamel (Hamburg), James Clarke (London), Pascal Dusapin (Paris), Frederik Durieux (Paris), Isabel Mundry (Zurich), Beat Furrer (Graz) and many others. From 2010 to 2012 she worked as a free-lance composer in Berlin and since Jun 2012 she lives and works Hamburg.

Her catalogue of compositions includes several solo, chamber and orchestral works as well as an opera and in recent years her music has been performed in Europe and Asia. Her latest works reveal, amongst other qualities, a strong interest in the theatrical aspects of music and her opera “Spiegelspiel” was premiered in May 2010 during the Munich biennial festival for contemporary music theatre. She also received further commissions from the Kassel Music Days, the Siemens Arts Programme, the Hamburg University of Music and the Young Euro Classic Festival in Berlin, for which she composed the orchestral piece In Circle (2011). She was recently awarded a scholarship from the German Society of Women Artists and Art Patrons (GEDOK) and will be a guest composer at the society’s atelier in Lübeck during 2014.   

Jelena Dabić’s compositions employ a modern musical idiom, but use very vivid and descriptive processes that make her music very comprehensible.  Ethnic musical characteristics and other subtle elements effectively employed beneath the music’s surface are defining for her music and make it recognizable as “her” music.

Besides her work as a composer, Jelena Dabić is strongly committed to the propagation of contemporary music and organizes a number of concerts and other events both in Germany and Serbia.


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