aktuelle musik der seidenstrasse


Ming Wang-flute & Lin Chen- percussion
Xiao Fu- composer, multimedia & Jelena Dabic- composer, tambura

The project “fresh :: sounds – contemporary music from the silk road” is a collaboration between the musicians of Duo Soie PLUS and five young composers from the “silk road countries” (West China, Central China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Serbia).
Not only the duo (“soie”= french for “silk)”, but also the silk road itself take their names from the Chinese silk, one of the most important items of the lucrative trade which flourished along that route connecting the far east to Europe during the Han Dynasty. Not only products, traders, scholars and soldiers, but also ideas, religions and entire cultures travelled between east and west through that route.
The Duo Soie PLUS – Ming Wang (flute) & Lin Chen (percussion) + Xiao Fu (multimedia, electronics and composition) & Jelena Dabic (composition and tambura) – is a new fresh-cheeky voice of contemporary music in Hamburg (Germany). The two native Chinese musicians, who studied in Germany, convince through their virtuosity, precision and theatrical gesture. Since 2014, the Duo Soie has been collaborating with Xiao Fu and Jelena Dabic, forming the extended ensemble Duo Soie PLUS.
This project’s concert program presents both purely instrumental pieces as well as compositions with multimedia elements (live electronics, playback, interactive video, light). Five talented young composers and multimedia artists, one from each of the silk road countries (West China, Central China , Kazakhstan, Iran, Serbia) contributed with new compositions for this project. Our aim is to present a kind of contemporary music which combines both old and new forms of culture in a unique new way. The program thus leads through a musical landscape formed by new works created by a young generation of composers:Jelena Dabic (South East Europe), Alireza Khiabani (Iran), Aigerim Seilova (Kazakhstan), Alfira Ahmetjan (Xinjiang / East China), Xiao Fu (Central China)
PREMIERE: 13.11.2015, Hamburg, resonanzraum