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live/event DESIGN

Art represents a special form of aesthetic expression and changes over time. The existing fear of contact and the demarcation of high culture from current art and culture have led to alienation from the public. The result: an aging audience and subsequent generations who are not interested in classical music concerts. In contemporary music, the specialist audience largely keeps to itself.

In addition to the classic museum concert form of the 19th century, there are still a number of ways of staging music. Especially classical and contemporary music! 


I therefore see it as a very important and exciting task to redesign the concert as a format.

I often follow the principle of synesthesia - a perception with all senses.

Concerts that you can see and hear, but also taste, smell and feel.

I like to use unusual spaces that are not intended for concerts and thus create site-specific concerts.


The concert and live design includes concept, program selection, dramaturgy, direction, light, sound and costumes and leads to a unique concert experience. 


If you are interested in a collaboration, please feel free to contact me.

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