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Around 6500 years ago, we lived in the matriarchy. Feminine energy was alive, powerful, honoured, respected, hearted. 


Since the ancient times, women have had no equal rights. 

It's a silence rooted in thousands of years of male dominated culture that has been part of our tradition for so long.


The rise of feminine consciousness is not just about women's equality, although this is definitely an important part of it. It goes much deeper than this and beyond the idea of ​​gender.

The rise of feminine consciousness is an awakening of power that is aligned with the feminine energy.


Women are cyclic by nature, but with society’s linear (masculine) view of time and events, it is often difficult for woman to realise this and to acknowledge and use it in their lives. 

Women live in a male-oriented society that influences their perception of the world and of themselves. 

Our modern society expects from us constant progress, growth and improvement. As women, increasingly more than men, we have to resist and balance the physical, cyclical conditions in order to adapt to this progress. 

If we as women become aware that we are cyclic beings during our lives, then we begin to recognise that we are part of the greater rhythm of the universe and come closer to accepting our true nature finding harmony  in our lives.     


The feminine principle is intuition, creation, receptivity, sensitivity, open mindedness. The feminine has flexibility like the flow of water. 


The masculine is visionary, fatherly, supportive, active, clear, and outgoing. It has the ability to set structures and boundaries. 


Our society is no longer in unity, there is an imbalance between male and female. 


If we want to create harmony in this world, we should start with ourselves by uniting our feminine and masculine sides and entering into a new type of leadership - to expand our genius and creativity and bring them into harmony and unity.  



This piece is dedicated to Doris Cornils, an extraordinary woman, whose mission is to support and unite woman with her expertise in Micropolitics, power games in organisations and gender.

This piece is dedicated to Pro-Exzellenzia and the entire team - Hamburg's supportive initiative for women in leadership. 


#unity #womenempowerment #proexzellenzia

Premiere: 17.11.2020, 17.30 h @ Network of and for women – Pro Exzellenzia 4.0 & LaKoG / Online-Veranstaltung!



Jelena Dabic (tambura), Vukasin Miskovic (guitar) *

Concept, Animation, Video, Editing: Jelena Dabic 

recorded @highvibescottage Popovica, Serbia 

Oktober/November 2020

literature: Red Moon (Miranda Gray), *One of the musical themes was inspired by "vuela con el viento" (Ayla Shafer).