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Jelena Dabic Artist Composer


The SILK::ROAD Festival serves as a unique platform for the creation of new art forms, embracing artistic engagement with different regions and cultures. By interweaving old traditions with contemporary and innovative forms of performing arts, rare folk instruments are presented in new and unexpected contexts.

Through installations, concerts, and performances, the festival provides a multicultural, multisensory, and multidimensional experience that invites recipients to encounter the cultures of the Silk Road and discover something new. Jelena Dabic, as a curator and creative director, uses classical music and performing arts forms to create new and exciting concert experiences that dissolve traditional boundaries and focus on the relationship between musicians, listeners, and the performance itself. Her work is deeply rooted in musical worlds outside of Europe, drawing inspiration from foreign cultures and non-European music systems.

Through her research and curatorial work, Jelena strives to create connections between contemporary, classical, and traditional music by incorporating new techniques and sound worlds into her compositions and concert dramaturgies. The artistic approach focuses on creating a synesthetic connection between the audience and the works by blending visual, auditory, haptic, olfactory, and taste elements to create a fully immersive and transformative experience.

By actively engaging the audience in their own reception of the works, a deeper and more meaningful connection between the music and the listener is created. Dabic's curatorial work reflects her passion for breaking down cultural barriers and exploring the interplay between different traditions and artistic forms to create something unique and inspiring.

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SILK :: ROAD Festival
silkroad festival hamburg, concert design jelena dabic, gamelan
SILK :: ROAD Festival
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SILK :: ROAD Festival
silkroad festival, concert design jelena dabic, resonanzraum, hamburg, new concert experience, neues konzerterlebnis
SILK :: ROAD Festival
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