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''Wenn Du das Universum verstehen willst, dann denke in Kategorien wie Energie, Frequenz und Vibration.“– Nikola Tesla.


concert for two percussionists and a shaman

The perception of art or music is a complex process in which the subject (the viewer) and the object (the artwork or the music) complement each other to create an aesthetic experience.

All of this is subjective and based on random associations: the impression of the artist and his work and the perception of the viewer.

However, the successful exchange of energy is no coincidence.

This work is about the exchange of energy, based on inner voice and thoughts, between the performers and the audience. This exchange succeeds with the help and guidance of a shaman, whose work consists of energy purification and focusing (energy control).

Are you looking for a completely new approach to the relationship between artists and viewers that is common here?

I am researching in this field and for this project I am investigating rituals of different peoples, their meaning and the role of music. I use the impressions from this research for my artistic work.

RITUAL#1: Limpia is the result of my research in Mexico, where I studied different rituals of indigenous peoples. I met some shamans and healers in Mexico, had many conversations and learned from them about energy, the perception and the control of energy.

For this work I invited a shaman Carlos Pacheco to Hamburg to work with him on this work.

Jelena Dabic - concept and composition

Carlos Pacheco – Shaman

Lin Chen & Fanis Gioles - drums

Carlos Andres Rico - Electronics

Orlando Gutierrez - vocals (recording)

Sanita-Dewi Limantara, Juan Camilo Maya, Jelena Dabic - Performance



Time: 06/29/2019, 10 p.m

Place: Künstlerhaus FAKTOR, Max-Brauer-Allee 229, 22769 HH


S3LVA RIMA #selvhamburg #rimahamburg #ritual1limpia

The project was realized as part of the SELVA Festival.

with the kind support of RIMA Hamburg und Gerhard-Trede Foundation


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