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This work represents an innovative format in which not only the musicians but also the audience actively acts, follows the instructions and thus becomes part of the performance. The instruments for this project are small percussion instruments, everyday objects and your own body (with all its possibilities including voice).


In the first part of the work I researched in the field of ritual, namely the traditions of different countries where these practices are still preserved (Balkans, Mexico, Bali).

Similarities and differences between the rituals and ceremonies of different peoples were an important feature of this research. What is ritual in music; what does the ritual process of a concert look like and what is its purpose were important points of orientation.


This composition is a meeting place with the sensual perceptions. Both musicians and the audience focus on perception through their five senses. The stimuli coming from outside should, if one concentrates fully on them and perceives them, be represented in the next step by musical instruments and the composition instructions, thereby creating a new immersion in the emotional world. This creates a fixed inner world that can be called up again at any time.

Icarus #2Orlando Shaman
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The perception of music is a complex process. The subject (the listener) and the object (the musical work) complement each other in an aesthetic and sensual experience. This experience is based on subjective and accidental associations. However, the exchange of energy that takes place is no coincidence. Auditory elements are combined with visual, haptic, olfactory and gustatory elements in order to expand and strengthen auditory perception. The similarities and contrasts of the different sensory perceptions are taken up and at the same time combined with new compositional approaches.

How does the perception of both instances (listeners, musicians) change if the listeners are directly involved?


The performance of this composition is recorded with a 3D stereoscopic camera and a 360 microphone and a fixed audio-visual work is created.

By integrating social rituals, everyday objects and modern digitality, RITUAL #2 creates a new form of art that gives all participants (musicians and audience) a sense of connection and resonance.

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Icarus #1Orlando Shaman
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