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musik für einen Bunker

the crack

music for a bunker

"The crack" takes place in a real space, as intended by the libretto, namely in a bunker that was built in the middle of the Second World War between 1941 and 1944 for guests passing through under the main train station. At the scene of a real event.


The people fled to a bunker. They've been living there for a long time, they laugh, they argue, they eat, they dance, they drink, and when the plane squadrons are approaching outside and the bombs are falling, they're overcome by fear. There is war outside. While people die on the streets, those underground try to maintain a sense of normalcy. But hysteria is in the air, the harmony between people is fragile, small disputes escalate. They all live lives on demand.


In a Music for a Bunker to a libretto by Micaela von Marcard, I process my own experiences from my childhood and youth in my Serbian homeland. A counterpoint between times, sounds, worlds and cultures reflects my music for the "Riss". Speech singing is combined with virtuoso coloraturas but also with pop-like singing, based on folk music elements as raw material - truthful and grotesque at the same time.

The production by director Vendula Nováková uses the conditions of the underground bunker at the main station. The animation by David Schulz opens up a new level. It descends underground, into its spooky hallways, into the windowless dormitories with their bunk cots, the food counter, the washrooms and drab waiting-room-like lounges.

The viewers follow the protagonists on their everyday stations into the chaos, become part of the action and yet observe it from a distance.



Composition, artistic and production management: Jelena Dabić
Libretto and dramaturgy: Micaela von Marcard
Musical director: Aleksandra Łaptaś
Director: Vendula Nováková
Set and Costumes: Nora Husmann
Animation, Design: David Schulz
Electronics: Jacob Sello
Mother – soprano: Pia Salome Bohnert
Neighbour – mezzo-soprano: Vera Alkemade
Journalist – alt: Pauline Jacob
Smuggler – tenor: Masanori Hatsuse
Grandfather- baritones: Felix Heuser
Son – baritones: Immanuel Klein
Violin: Maurice Pascal Mustatea
Saxophone: Vlatko Kučan
Percussion: Lin Chen
Double bass: Tair Turganov
Technical realization: University of Applied Sciences
Techical management: René Reile, Svenja Bestek 
Team: Daniel Tekieli, Simon Sheiger, Jan Petersen, Adrian Limmroth, Swaantje Hoffmann, Frederik Gutbrod, Hanna Handford, Max Kuhlmann, Dennis Brauer, Alexander Grill, Leonie Krüger, Malwine Mangold-Volk, Fenja Höbling
der riss bilder


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