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THE SEAM (DIE NAHT, ШАВ) is a performance that takes place in the virtual space (VR).

Virtual reality is not just providing a new way to experience the world, it’s creating new ways of being in it. This is designed experiences that blur the lines between reality, digital and physical.


THE SEAM is a portal to an alternate reality. The secret to the human experience. The seams between people, places, and things are infinite. 

Understanding our seams as portals, we will develop new ways of creating ourselves, different experiences and deepen our perception of the world.

We are all containers, but what are the contents we leave behind and what is the configuration that results?

Through THE SEAM, your perceptions will be deeper and more complex and you will experience something that's beyond every level of sensory experience.



Musically, Jelena Dabic draws inspiration from folk songs and traditional children's songs originating from the Danube countries. The Danube, a river weaving through European nations, serves as a thematic backbone, shaping a suite organized into distinct chapters. Each chapter is anchored by a traditional song, sourced from one of the countries along the Danube's path.

As a historical and cultural trade route, the Danube both unites and delineates regions, people, and ideologies across Europe. The concept of a united Europe encompasses its inherent diversity and multiplicity. This rich tapestry of cultures, encompassing a spectrum of identities, collectively forms our shared essence. The music comes alive through interpretation, breathing a fresh vitality into each melody.

The countries embraced by the Danube's journey are interconnected, their borders resembling the stitches of a finely crafted fabric. These diverse cultures are inseparably interwoven, much like the components of a well-fitted garment—a shirt or a pair of pants, representing the mosaic of European nations. Just as the absence of a section, sleeve, or leg renders clothing incomplete, the unity of these cultures is essential for our collective strength and purpose.

THE SEAM, symbolizing connection, separation, enduring unity, and restoration in the context of a garment, parallels the role of the Danube as a unifying force. This symbolism underpins the essence of the work. Within this context, the pianist Marcelo Gama embodies the essence of the Danube. His compelling interpretation transcends music into an experiential journey, fulfilling dual roles as pianist and performer.


As the Danube Suite unfolds, a tapestry of diverse European fabric takes form. Following each movement, a distinct piece of clothing is donned by the pianist—a metaphor for countries, cultures, and their corresponding songs. By the composition's finale, the pianist stands adorned, a complete ensemble reflecting nations the river traverses. Yet, the intrusive hum of industrialization, akin to the cacophony of machines, disrupts the melody. Undeterred, the melody prevails, its resonance persevering. Europe's melodic unity transcends a mere patchwork, emerging as harmonious attire.


Indeed, the Danube embodies Europe's seam, stitching together nations with enduring threads of unity.


Concept, composition, production: Jelena Dabic

Direction, camera, editing, sound design: Christian Striboll

Piano, performance: Marcelo Gama

Camera 2: Shahin Shokoui

Costume: Rica Bückmann

Set design: Azizah Hocke

Make-up: Eleonora Gianfermi




Sanita Dewi Limantara

Ingrid Angelb

Steve Oelman 

Rica Bückmann

Nadja Hall
Karla Stein

Eleonora Gianfermi




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