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The seam is a performance that takes place in the virtual space (VR).

Virtual reality is not just providing a new way to experience the world, it’s creating new ways of being in it. This is designed experiences that blur the lines between reality, digital and physical.


DIE NAHT is a portal to an alternate reality. The secret to the human experience. The seams between people, places, and things are infinite. 

Understanding our seams as portals, we will develop new ways of creating ourselves, different experiences and deepen our perception of the world.

We are all containers, but what are the contents we leave behind and what is the configuration that results?

Through DIE NAHT, your perceptions will be deeper and more complex and you will experience something that's beyond every level of sensory experience.



"There is no Europe without the diversity that has grown over the centuries.”  Director Christian Striboll's idea for the performance film was born from this conviction.

The seam, as a symbol for the bond, the tearing, how still belonging together and the repair of a piece of clothing - stands like the Danube itself as a connecting element and therefore represents the motiveof the work. The seam, as a symbol for the bond, the tearing, how still belonging together and the repair of a piece of clothing - stands like the Danube itself as a connecting element and therefore represents the motive of the work.

The pianist Marcelo Gama himself depicts the Danube. With his convincing interpretation, he succeeds in transforming the music and performance into an experience. He is pianist and performer at the same time.

While the Danube Suite is being played, the diverse piece of clothing Europe is created.

After each movement of the composition, a new piece of clothing is put on the pianist. Each piece of clothing represents a country, its culture and the respective song.

Only at the end of his play is he dressed and the costume complete - albeit at the same time marked by the industrialized countries through which the river flows. The rattling of the machines interferes with the melody. But it is stronger, breaks through, stays and keeps moving. Europe is not a patchwork quilt, but a melodic piece of clothing.

The Danube is the seam of Europe.

This is a collaboration between the composer Jelena Dabic, the pianist Marcelo Gama and the director Christian Striboll.

Musically, folk songs and traditional children's songs from the Danube countries form the basis for Jelena Dabic’s composition: ‘Danube Suite’ for piano.

Danube - a river that connects European countries: a suite in 11 chapters.

Each chapter based on a traditional song. Every song from one of the countries through which the Danube flows.  As a European trade route, the Danube connects and at the same time separates people, nations and ideologies from one another. One Europe also means many Europe. Grown plurality and diversity. Us, in our diversity, is exactly what makes us one. A musical piece comes to life through interpretation.

The  countries through which the Danube flows are linked by their borders as if sewn together. Different cultures that cannot be separated from each other. As if they were a piece of clothing, a shirt or a pair of pants from a Europe.

A piece of clothing that, if a section, a sleeve or a leg is missing, no longer fulfills its purpose and becomes inoperative.


Concept, composition, production: Jelena Dabic

Direction, camera, editing, sound design: Christian Striboll

Piano, performance: Marcelo Gama

Camera 2: Shahin Shokoui

Costume: Rica Bückmann

Set design: Azizah Hocke

Make-up: Eleonora Gianfermi




Sanita Dewi Limantara

Ingrid Angelb

Steve Oelman 

Rica Bückmann

Nadja Hall
Karla Stein

Eleonora Gianfermi




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