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experience is more above understanding.

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Let's make a paradigm shift together!

In our rapidly changing world, characterized by technological advances and social and political movements, paradigm shift is crucial for progress and innovation, challenging established norms and introducing new possibilities for growth and transformation by fundamentally altering our understanding, perception, or approach to a given subject. Though change can be unpredictable and tumultuous, a paradigm shift toward introspection and personal experience offers a path to greater fulfillment and purpose. As an artist and contemporary music composer, I see a similar paradigm shift occurring in the world of art and music, fueled by technological advancements and cultural shifts that allow for new forms of creative expression and audience engagement. By combining different mediums and cultural traditions, we can create works that reflect the complexity and diversity of our world, encouraging fresh perspectives and ideas that transcend traditional boundaries. This ongoing shift represents a virtually boundless frontier of creative exploration and innovation, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

past events:

4.3.2022, 19.00, Kulturzentrum mosaique, Lüneburg, performance lecture

5.3.2022, 19.00, Halle 424, Hamburg ensemble reflektor 

paradigm shift #1 for strings

6.3.2022, 17.00, Funkhaus Berlin
ensemble reflektor

paradigm shift #1 for strings


5.12.2021,11.30, Elbphilharmonie

ensemble reflektor

paradigm shift #1 for strings


7 Uhr, Funkhaus Berlin

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