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The perception of art and music is a complex process where the subject (the viewer) and the object (the artwork or music) complement each other to create an aesthetic experience. This exchange is subjective and based on the impressions of the artist and the perception of the viewer.

However, the successful exchange of energy is not coincidental. This work is about the exchange of energy, based on inner voice and thoughts, between performers and the audience. This exchange is facilitated through the guidance of a yogi, whose work involves energy purification and focus (energy control).

For this project, I am investigating the rituals of different cultures, their meanings, and the role of music. I use the insights from this research for my artistic work.

RITUAL#2.0 is the result of my research in India, where I studied Hindu rituals and practices. I met with yogis and learned from them about energy, its perception, and its control.


The project was realized with the kind support of the DMR Stipendienprogramm 2023 


Exploring Music as an Inner Journey


The role of ritual can be different in various contexts, but generally a ritual serves to perform a symbolic action or a sequence of actions that express a meaning or a deeper truth. Rituals can help establish a connection between people and their beliefs or spiritual practices, or to build a connection to nature or other forces.

In the composition RITUAL #2.0, the ritual plays an important role in creating a new form of art that involves all participants and creates a sense of connection and resonance. By actively participating in the ritual and following the instructions, the audience and performers create a shared experience that goes beyond the boundaries of culture, language, and origin.

In this context, the ritual is used as a means of creating a shared experience that allows participants to connect with their surroundings and with other people. It serves as a symbol of human connection and the desire for community that can be found in all cultures and societies.

RITUAL #2.0 is a music composition that integrates both musical instruments and non-instruments, as well as musicians and non-musicians, with the goal of creating a deep and experiential involvement. This involvement allows participants to experience the world around them in a different way, using all senses and not just staying on the surface.

RITUAL #2.0 serves as an entrance to a new experiential world, where participants can engage in a sensory experience that goes beyond just intellectual understanding. The use of ritual in this context helps to create a shared experience that brings participants together and fosters a sense of community and connection. RITUAL #2.0 aims to push the boundaries of traditional music composition and create a transformative experience for those involved.

The concept for the composition Ritual #2.0 was funded by
DMR Stipendienprogramm 2023 of the Deutscher Musikrat.
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