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The whole world is shaken by the corona virus and it won't look the same afterwards.

We are experiencing the greatest global change in human history.

The corona knows no borders, just like we people nowdays.

Everything is accessible to us. We are the same everywhere. 

We all share the same fears and we all die from the same causes. 

We are in the collective fear right now. The collective existential fear. 

When the virus is gone, we stay. People. People who have had a severe shock.

And this shock leaves its wounds. They are deep and they hurt.  

This situation is changing us at a global level. It changes our behaviour, our perceptions, our emotions. 

We have reached the point where we have all the tools necessary to work and create in this time and under these circumstances. We are separate and distant, but we are closer than ever. We are reachable. 



If you are interested in taking part, please submit the form and we will let you know about following dates. Looking forward to hear from you! 

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